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Pet Health Care Services

Pet Health Care Services Dayboro Village Vets Animal Hospital cat min

Dayboro Village Vets’ comprehensive health care services have been designed to deliver ‘total life’ care. This means you do not need to go anywhere else for advice, treatment, and support.

Our pet health care services include:

  • Routine healthcare consultations, advice and vaccinations
  • General surgery and dentistry including desexing and oral hygiene procedures 
  • Skin and ear problem diagnosis and treatment programs
  • Preventative and holistic healthcare including acupuncture and early puppy development
  • Lameness and mobility assessments and treatment
  • Comprehensive assessments, care plans, and arthritis and pain management for senior pets 
  • Compassionate palliative care plans and end-of-life services and support 
  • Nutrition and behaviour advice and support.
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Some kind words from others

Kym Kraljevic

How wonderful to have Dayboro Village Vets in town! Just the most warm and caring team! The whole way through the consultation with my dog, the team made sure everything was clearly explained - including the costs - so no surprises at bill time! The team truly cared about my dog and went to amazing lengths to ensure he was not stressed by taking their time with him. After a procedure that required sedation, I went in to collect my doggo, and all his medication was waiting for him in a bag that was personalised with his name and love heart. The quality of care and expertise of the team is exceptional, as well as the customer service that lets you know they have put a lot of thought and care into how this new the vet practice is managed. I just popped in to pick up some flea and tick treatment and my dog Harley didn't want to leave. That definitely says something!! Thanks everyone - love Kym and Harley xx

Shona Buttay

This vet is by far the best vet we have ever been to, as soon as you walk in my dog felt like it wasn’t even at the vets. It’s very calming and beautiful environment the way they have set it up and ideal as it is next door to the produce. Ashley young seen our dog today and was very knowledgeable and knew what he was talking about compared to previous vets we had visited with no results. Ashley actually cares about the animals that come in and made my dog felt at ease in his arms which has not happened with any other vet visits. I will not be taking my dog to any other vet now. Big appreciation and thanks to Ashley and Amanda amazing people with absolutely outstanding service!!

Michelle Smith

Thank you to the incredible team for saving our boys life! Everything has been exceptional from when we arrived as an emergency, till our last checkup, the care and love the staff has shown to us and our dog will never be forgotten, thanks a million 💙💙💙💙💙

Natalie Campbell

What an amazing team! We went to them after our dog Lacey injured her leg and were met with skilled care from the beginning. Without delay, tests were run in-house and an expert surgical plan was made with full consultation and involvement with us the whole way. We were so lucky to have such an experienced orthopaedic surgeon in Dr Ashley without having to go any further than Dayboro. We had big-city expertise wrapped in the small-town care we know and love. The follow-up through her recovery has been excellent and reassuring and Lacey is well on her way to being her energetic and mischievous self again. Couldn't recommend them enough. :)

Dr. Slade Walker (Old Mill Equine Service)

I am incredibly grateful to see Holly, Ash and Rosie head up a new team to reinstate Dayboro with the excellent veterinary care the community desperately needs and deserves.

Dr Holly and Dr Ash worked at Old Mill Vets back in 2008. Together with Rosie, I couldn’t have asked for a better leadership team to jolt life back into the clinic. Their surgical, medical and customer care is second to none.

Out with the Old (Mill Animal Vet) and in with the New (Dayboro Village Vet), while retaining the core values of a family-run business. The community will be delighted with the new team and services.

Angela Sutherland DVM (Maraboon Veterinary Surgery Emerald & Blackwater)

We cannot begin to express our gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Ashley who offered his time and expertise to help shape our practice into the modern and successful clinic it is today.

Dr. Ashley has a remarkable way of breaking down complex procedures into ways that can be immediately implemented with confidence by our staff.  He is flexible, approachable, and extremely knowledgeable in surgery and medicine.

His outstanding technical ability alongside his supportive approach to teaching is truly outstanding and he is honestly one of the best teachers/mentors we have ever had.

We look forward to being an integral and trusted part
of your pet's life with you.