Monthly injectable therapy for dogs with arthritis Dayboro Village Vets Animal Hospital

Beransa, a monthly injectable for osteoarthritis, has arrived in Australian veterinary clinics. Dr. Jess Pickett, Dayboro Village Vets’ newest veterinarian, said that Beransa offers a potential solution for dogs experiencing osteoarthritis and decreased quality of life.

Older dogs commonly experience osteoarthritis, and it may look like increased sitting during walks, taking more time to get up and lay down, or being more irritable towards other dogs and family members. In fact, more than 80% of the dogs that are referred to me for behavioural concerns have underlying pain as a contributing factor”, she said.

Osteoarthritis is not curable but there is plenty that can be done to identify and manage pain, and to modify lifestyle. Beransa works like your dog’s naturally made antibodies to reduce pain signals. Beransa can be given in conjunction with other medication meaning we can develop a comprehensive comfort-focused senior care program for our ageing patients; my geriatric Golden Retriever, Oscar, has just started on it!

Dr. Jess stressed that any dog can develop arthritis, and knowing the signs will help pet owners determine if veterinary attention is required.

Winter can be a difficult time for dogs with arthritis”, she said.

Aside from annual health check-ups and good veterinary care, dog owners can also modify their pet’s lifestyle to help them cope better in the cold. This may include bringing them inside at night if they sleep outside during the warmer months, adding raised bedding, non-slip floor coverings, maintaining a healthy weight to avoid excess pressure on joints and including massage or acupuncture treatments in their healthcare regime.

If your dog is showing signs of stiffness and soreness, unexplained changes in mood, and hasn’t responded to other osteoarthritis treatments, talk to us about Beransa. Appointments can be made by calling Dayboro Village Vets on 3171 2227.