Cats love to hide things…especially the pain of osteoarthritis. Dayboro Village Vets surgery animal hospital Myf

Meet Myf. Myf is fearless, loving, and the kind of cat that is “love on four feet” according to her owner, Murray.

At fourteen years old, Myf’s balance and behaviour began to change.

“Myf has always been one for climbing great heights, and after we noticed some broken teeth, we wondered if she may have fallen. Myf also started urinating in unusual places and that was something she had never done before”, Murray said.

“I now know that Myf was struggling with pain and osteoarthritis, and I was grateful to discover there is treatment available for cats.”

Dr. Holly Goldring, co-owner and senior-focused veterinarian at Dayboro Village Vets, said a new monthly injection, called Solensia, is offering a solution for pet owners worried about pain and the quality of life of their ageing cats.

“Solensia is a monthly injection that helps control the pain associated with osteoarthritis”, she said.

“Osteoarthritis is not curable but there is plenty that can be done to identify and manage pain, and to modify the home environment to help senior cats remain comfortable. Solensia works like your cat’s naturally made antibodies to reduce pain signals. We can pair this with changes to bedding, litter tray placement, diet, and environmental enrichment.”

For Murray and Myf, a diagnosis, and a senior-focused care plan, that includes Solensia, have been a game-changer.

“I now have my purrrrrrfect pet back”, Murray said.

“My mother-in-law has just turned 100 years old and the least we could do is care for Myf as she ages too. It’s been very comforting to know we have all the diagnostic options at Dayboro Village Vets for Myf.We think Myf’s story could help other owners know there are new options in the treatment of osteoarthritis in cats.”

If you are concerned about the health and happiness of your ageing cat, make an appointment with Dr. Holly Goldring at (07) 3171 2227.