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Dayboro Village Vets’ vision is to make veterinary care accessible and inclusive. We’re a veterinary practice that puts people first.

Unlike others, we recognise that pet owners have expert knowledge when it comes to their pets, and we acknowledge and celebrate this by partnering with them to deliver professional veterinary care and service.

Alongside patient outcomes, we measure our success by how included, engaged, and trusting our clients feel, and by the difference, we make in our community every day.

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Some kind words from others

Dr. Slade Walker (Old Mill Equine Service)

I am incredibly grateful to see Holly, Ash and Rosie head up a new team to reinstate Dayboro with the excellent veterinary care the community desperately needs and deserves.

Dr Holly and Dr Ash worked at Old Mill Vets back in 2008. Together with Rosie, I couldn’t have asked for a better leadership team to jolt life back into the clinic. Their surgical, medical and customer care is second to none.

Out with the Old (Mill Animal Vet) and in with the New (Dayboro Village Vet), while retaining the core values of a family-run business. The community will be delighted with the new team and services.

Yvette Lutze

I met Holly and Ash in 2008 when they were previously practising in Dayboro. Over the years they provided an outstanding level of medical care for our dogs and horses.  This included diagnosis, treatment, and advice concerning behaviour, diet and health.

Our animals have thrived under their care. With our West Highland Terrier Lola approaching 15 years of age and still enjoying a highly active lifestyle, including beach runs, swimming and, of course, many, many cuddles.

They have been caring, passionate and empathetic throughout the years to our situation and needs. I have also been impressed with their dedication to their profession, seeing them constantly upskill and remaining at the forefront of their industry. We are thrilled to see them establish a high-end veterinary practice servicing the community’s needs.

Angela Sutherland DVM (Maraboon Veterinary Surgery Emerald & Blackwater)

We cannot begin to express our gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Ashley who offered his time and expertise to help shape our practice into the modern and successful clinic it is today.

Dr. Ashley has a remarkable way of breaking down complex procedures into ways that can be immediately implemented with confidence by our staff.  He is flexible, approachable, and extremely knowledgeable in surgery and medicine.

His outstanding technical ability alongside his supportive approach to teaching is truly outstanding and he is honestly one of the best teachers/mentors we have ever had.

We look forward to being an integral and trusted part
of your pet’s life with you.

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